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Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line 11kW Three Phase IP55 EV Electric Car Charging Station

Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line 11kW Three Phase IP55 EV Electric Car Charging Station

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Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line 11kW Trifase IP55

Made in Netherland

Cable is NOT included.

To connect the EV charger to an electric vehicle, you need to order a 5m or 7.5m Alfen cable.

You can find it for sale on our online shop.

This Alfen EV-Charger is already configured and contains:

The RFID reader supports user identification.
Loadbalancing Active, means that the charging station automatically divides the available power on the vehicles it is charging. The charger analyzes the available capacity and how much power the vehicles require. Next, intelligent electronics in the ICU distribute power based on the connection's maximum capacity. With the system, electric vehicles can always be charged, even if the installation has limited capacity. Thus, there is no need to make expensive investments in a more powerful installation.

Backoffice E-Flux. Alfen charging stations can now be ordered including the eMobility platform E-Flux. Thanks to this integration, the installation of an Alfen charging station with the E-Flux eMobility platform becomes plug & play. After installation, the charging station will be visible in the portal and the owner can set the charging rates and view the charging sessions. The cost settlement for guest consumption at the charging station is provided by the E-Flux eMobility platform, in this case E-Flux. E-Flux can take care of the billing and payment of charging sessions for Alfen charging stations that are already connected with ICU Connect as a back office.

Logo on the display of the EV-Charger Alfen.
Alfen's Eve Single S-line has been specifically designed for home use, offering the benefits of true smart functionality at an affordable price. Its single 3.7kW - 11kW charging socket is housed in a compact polycarbonate enclosure that is lightweight, yet strong. The charging station can be wall or pole mounted depending on the situation. A connected version with plug and cable storage is also available.

Designed for plug and charge in a home environment, the charger uses LED indicator lights to communicate charge status. Users are able to access usage data through any web-enabled device.

Users can opt for the 11kW version of Eve Single S-Line where a three-phase connection is available. This faster charging speed will reduce the charging time for compatible vehicles.

There is the option to connect the charging station to a back office via a mobile network (Ethernet connection is also available).



You can see the technical sheet CLICKING HERE.

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