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ATHILEX 1x6.0mm2 H07Z1-K 100 Mt cable Yellow Green Standard Europe EU TÜV Rheinland 1x 6 mmq

ATHILEX 1x6.0mm2 H07Z1-K 100 Mt cable Yellow Green Standard Europe EU TÜV Rheinland 1x 6 mmq

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    ATHILEX 1x6.0mm2 H07Z1-K Giallo Verde 100M Standard Europe EU H1Z2Z2-K TÜV SOLAR.

    Brand ATHILEX (France).

    Pack of 100 meters


    Flexible cable for fixed and protected installation. Suitable for the transport and distribution of electricity
    power where low smoke and halogen-free smoke is required under fire conditions. Specially
    recommended for installations in public places. Not suitable for wet or submerged places.

    Electrical performance: 450/750V
    CPR: B2ca-s1a,d1,a1, according to EN 50575
    Thermal performance Minimum service temperature: -20°C
    Maximum conductor temperature: 70°C (EN 50525-3-31)
    Maximum short circuit temperature: 160°C (max. 5s.)
    Fire Performance Non-propagation of flame: EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1
    Non-propagation of fire: EN 50399
    Halogen-free: According to EN 60754 / IEC 60754
    HCI content: < 0.5%
    pH: > 4,3, conductivity: < 10 μS/mm
    Smoke density: According to EN 61034 / IEC 61034
    Light Transmission: > 60%
    UV resistance: According to EN 50618
    Mechanical performance Minimum laying radius: 5 x cable diameter
    Chemical Performance Chemical Performance: Acceptable
    Performance in water Resistance to water: Spray AD3.
    Standards Designed, manufactured and tested according to: EN 50525-3-31 e
    UNE 211002.


     You can download the data sheet CLICKING HERE.


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