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Batteria LiFePO4 12V 120Ah litio-ferro-fosfato 100A BMS 1536Wh 10-20gg

Batteria LiFePO4 12V 120Ah litio-ferro-fosfato 100A BMS 1536Wh 10-20gg

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LiFePO4 12.8V 100Ah

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Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Abs battery pack

14.6V 10A charger included 



Nominal tension: 12.8V
Nominal Capacity: 120Ah
Chemistry: LiFePO4
Cell type: 120Ah
Configuration cells: 4S-1P
Cutoff voltage: 10.5V - 14.8V
Life cycles: +2500 cycles 80% DOD
Max charge current: 60A
Discharge pulse current: 240A
Continuous discharge current: 120A
Operating temperature: -20°C to 55°C
Weight: 14 kg
Dimensions (mm) 330x170x220 mm
Nominal energy 1536Wh





    11 YEARS warranty

    An unbeatable guarantee. You can count on us for a long time, we are only interested in having satisfied customers.


    Free shipping over 150 €

    Free shipping from €150, VAT included in the price, with no hidden costs.


    Free returns

    Free return within 30 days of delivery.


    Charger included

    We send a charger for free with each battery.


    Italian company

    You can contact us for any information via the page Contacts.


    The lithium band

    Click here to see who is using and honestly reviewing our batteries.



    They last longer

    They still have 80% of rated capacity after more than 2000 cycles. Lead batteries only 300/500 cycles.

    100% D.O.D.

    100% depth of discharge (lead batteries only 30/40%). A 50Ah lithium battery can replace a 100Ah lead acid battery.


    Integrated BMS. Short-circuit protection, voltage, charge and discharge current, temperature, automatic balancing. LiFePO4 batteries do not explode or catch fire.


    After replacing lead acid batteries once, you will have already spent more than a lithium battery. The cost per KWh for our LiFePO4 battery is 0.12€, for lead acid batteries 0.80€


    Weight and size

    A 12V 100Ah lead battery weighs over 30 kg. Our 12v 100Ah lithium-iron-phosphate battery weighs only 11 kg!


    High performance

    They maintain a constant voltage above 13V. This allows you to maintain intense current absorption for a long time.


     Low self-discharge

    Without any absorption, the self-discharge is less than 3% per month. Unlike lead-acid batteries, they should NOT be kept charged at all times. During periods of inactivity, manually disconnect the cables from the battery poles, or use a BATTERY SWITCH.


    Respect for the environment

    No internal gas, gel or liquid. It does not release any metal or toxic substances into the environment.


    Zero maintenance

    They require no maintenance. They DO NOT need periodic equalization and desulphation cycles like lead acid batteries.

    Use a battery switch.

    Other Benefits

    99% efficiency and low resistance. They recharge faster.

    No memory effect: you top them up whenever you want.




    Recreational Vehicles

    You can use the full capacity of the battery and recharge it quickly. You will feel more like you are at home. Feel free to use the air conditioner, boiler, induction hob, coffee maker, hair dryer... You can power the diesel heater, refrigerator, lights and all the essential utilities, recharge your PC, smartphone, e-bike, it won't be a problem anymore, you'll have energy for sale!

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    Boats Electric motors

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    Lithium batteries accept much higher charge and discharge currents than lead-acid batteries, are safer, and last much longer. Homes now have almost only lithium-iron-phosphate batteries or supercapacitors installed.

     Other applications

    Forklifts, golf carts, go-karts, video surveillance and security, medical and electronic equipment, remote control devices; industry and robotics, communication stations and radio towers, street lighting,+++




    An important accessory


    Busbars are important to the safety of the electrical system.

    What's the problem? In the case of batteries, connecting multiple cables to the same battery pole is wrong. The busbars, with 4 M8 terminals, allow each cable to be connected to its terminal. There will be only one cable leaving the busbar, which will end up on the battery pole. In this way the electrical system will be cleaner and safer. Generally two busbars are used, one of which ends up on the negative pole and one on the positive pole of the battery.

    Buy the busbars by clicking here.





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