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Dyness Powerbox 9,6 kWh 48V batteria litio

Dyness Powerbox 9,6 kWh 48V batteria litio

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Original batteries Dyness Powerbox 9,6 kWh 48V Low Voltage

Delivery in 3-5 weeks.


Compact size and light weight

Ultra compact and lightweight Dyness Powerbox battery.

Dimensions / mm 928 x 555 x 210
Weight / Kg 113


High power and usable energy ratio

Dyness battery storage system has high output power and usable energy ratio, the system can reach 1C (10kW) continuous discharge and 2C peak to support critical loads.
Depth of discharge of 95%.


Safer battery and perfect compatibility

LiFePO4 battery chemistry has been widely recognized as one of the safest batteries.

LiFePO4 chemistry features stable structures, and its heat runaway temperature is more than 480 degrees.
It is designed for residential and commercial applications in absolute safety.
LiFePO4 batteries are used in numerous applications:

ESS – Energy Storage System (ESS) for frequency regulation, renewable energy integration with solar and wind, micro gird applications, telecom applications and backup power.
EV – Electric Vehicles (EV) in the transportation area.
HESS - It has been widely applied to distributed stationary energy storage as Home Energy Storage System (HESS) now.


Powerbox works perfectly with the inverters below:

A step
Lux Power
So far
More brands will be pronounced soon.


Natural cooling

It does not require expensive cooling and ventilation systems
Longer life

6000 cycles, 10 year guarantee (70% capacity remaining) when installed by a qualified installer/electrician and must be registered on the Dyness website.
3000 cycles, 5 year warranty when used in mobile vehicle applications such as RVs and marine.

Easy installation
Easy to mount on the wall or on the ground

Certifications and specifications
TUV CE IEC62619 IEC62040 UN38.3
Australian CEC accredited

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