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Fronius Tauro ECO-D 50kW Inverter Triphase 50000W

Fronius Tauro ECO-D 50kW Inverter Triphase 50000W

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    Features of the FRONIUS Tauro ECO D 50kW grid inverter

    The 50 kW Fronius Tauro ECO D three-phase grid inverters of the Tauro ECO series are ideal for large installations. The inverter is specially developed for the application of grid-connected photovoltaic systems. Thanks to its structure and function, the inverter guarantees maximum safety during assembly and maintenance. Grid monitoring is done by monitoring the voltage, frequency and independent conditions.


    The three-phase Tauro inverter is a high power inverter that can be used in the 50 and 100kW versions. It provides high performance for large solar systems with operating costs that are truly adequate for that power level. According to hardware with an intelligent design line, as well as accessing greater flexibility with such a design, the investment pays off in a shorter period of time. This inverter can be used for decentralized (variant D) and centralized (variant P) installations. The Taurus Inverter is made to offer the best conditioning in some outdoor areas which could be more unprotected.

    The continued profitability of the Fronius Tauro ECO is guaranteed, even when installed in sunlight, thanks to the double-layered housing and active cooling technology. With all this, the converter also has a compact body and dimensions (height x width x depth) 755 x 1109 x 346 mm and a weight of about 75 kg.

    The Fronius Tauro ECO inverter model offers the market a high-power transformerless unit, providing the expected performance for an assembly type of this category. The wide variety of AC connections means that the number of connection boxes can be reduced to save cables and unnecessary costs. Furthermore, the protection and safety system against possible overloads is adapted to the converter, eliminating the need to use other elements. You can save time and money with the Taurus inverter by mounting with V-clamps or classic MC4 connectors.


    Characteristics of the Inverter Red Fronius Tauro ECO 50kW

    Some important features of this inverter are:
    - Number of MPP followers: 1
    - Maximum input current: 87.5A
    - DC input voltage range: 580 - 1000V
    - AC rated power: 50 kW
    - Frequency range: 50 or 60Hz, admissible between 45 – 65Hz.
    - Type of protection: IP65 in AC connection, IP66 in DC and power electronics.
    - Maximum efficiency: 98.5%
    -MPPT Performance: 99.9%
    - Weight: 75kg
    - Dimensions: 755 x 1109 x 346 mm


    Applications and characteristics of the Red Fronius Tauro ECO 50kW Inverter

    The Taurus inverter from Fronius International has many advantages as described:

    1. Developed for unprotected outdoor areas, great for mounting in unprotected environments. Thanks to its excellent active cooling technology and double-layer housing, the Fronius Tauro ECO inverter can be mounted in full sun.

    2. Save on BOS costs. AC connections reduce the number of AC connection boxes and wiring, resulting in reduced BOS and ground or rooftop equipment mounting costs.

    3. Maximum performance. In addition to the high performance, the inverter cooling and the double layer offer the safety of the elements at high temperatures, allowing a longer life of the converter and all its elements.

    4. System and assembly adaptability Overhead connection areas allow you to have different elements without having to use additional boxes. Fronius Tauro offers multiple options: it can be mounted vertically and horizontally and have centralized and decentralized layouts.

    5. Integrated monitoring. The Fronius Taurus inverter comes from the factory with the software and hardware to be able to monitor the equipment. Other elements can be added thanks to the open interfaces of the converter.

    6. Simple and fast service. With the contribution of advanced technologies, Fronius Tauro allows it to be controlled in the same place by a single person, saving time and manpower.

    If you need more information about the Fronius Tauro inverter, you can contact AutoSolar. You have the best prices for the converter from the Fronius factory. If you have any questions about the photovoltaic system, you can contact us.

    Technical data sheet Inverter FRONIUS Tauro ECO-D 50kW

    You can see the technical sheet CLICKING HERE.






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