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Victron smartsolar 100|30 battery or busbar cable kit

Victron smartsolar 100|30 battery or busbar cable kit

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Everything you need to connect the Victron Smartsolar 100|30 to the battery or busbar! Including grounding.


MEGA fuse will be sent by 40A, suitable for smartsolar 100|30.


In addition to the products listed above, the kit can be bought for free as in the second photo also :

1x serrated washer

2x plain washer

2x split washer

2x puntalini

1x M8 bolt

1x M8 socket

3x red heat shrink tubing

3x black heat shrink tubing



Recommended tools to carry out the installation:

crimping pliers for the terminals, crimping pliers for the ferrules, size 17 wrench, screwdriver, heat gun for the heat-shrinking sheath.


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