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Must Solar

Must Solar 12V 1000W PWM 50A CB 20A Inverter Caricabatterie

Must Solar 12V 1000W PWM 50A CB 20A Inverter Caricabatterie

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Inverter Original battery charger MUST SOLAR

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    The Must Solar Inverter 1000W 12V charger is composed of: 1000W Pure Wave Inverter + 20A Battery Charger + 50A PWM Charge Controller.

    Must Solar 1000W 12V Inverter Charger is more than an inverter/charger; It is a central element in your solar installation from which all our solar kit options will be managed, as it incorporates an inverter, charger and charge controller, all in one.

    This inverter charger optimally manages energy from batteries, solar generation, grid or generator to achieve an isolated system without power outages, capable of mixing 3 different energy sources (solar, battery, grid) in the right way. also configurable to our liking.


    The Must Solar 1000W 12V inverter charger includes, among other things, a 20A battery charger from a 230Vac source, which can be powered by a generator or from the mains. If the consumption of the house can be powered by the sun, the Must Solar will not use the energy of the battery to power the consumption. If we have a 230Vac source connected, it will give priority to that energy source together with the solar one to fully charge the battery and feed the consumption we have at that moment.

    The Must Solar 1000W 12V inverter charger is fully programmable, the ability to connect an external generator ensures you never run out of electricity.

    The connection speed between the grid, solar panels or batteries is so high that absolutely nothing is perceived; You will always have smooth feeding without interruptions.



    The LCD screen has a resolution of 255 x 160 pixels with backlighting for easy reading. Energy production data, alerts and other information are shown to the user in a clear and simple way.

    The Must Solar 1000W 12V inverter charger is an all-in-one system that does not need any other devices.

    The Must Solar 1000W 12V Inverter Battery Charger always prefers the energy of the sun or the grid and as a last resort it will use the energy of the battery so that it is always kept at its maximum, thus extending its life. However, it can also be configured as a UPS, therefore it can bypass the electricity grid and, in the event of a grid failure, it can feed consumption with the batteries that are connected.


    Easy to install

    There is no other system as easy to install as the Must Solar 1000W 12V inverter charger series. This is not only good for the person doing the installation but you will also save time, space and money.




    Scheda Tecnica Inverter 1000W 12V Must Solar

    You can see the technical sheet CLICKING HERE.

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