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Parallel Lithium Batteries Weco Mod.5k3 Pair of Connection bars

Parallel Lithium Batteries Weco Mod.5k3 Pair of Connection bars

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The 5k3 high intensity Weco connectors allow us to fit Weco batteries in parallel to demand the maximum allowable power rating.

Its use is optional if we use up to 5 batteries in parallel and it is mandatory for more than 5 batteries (clusters).

The price includes a set of positive and negative connectors, one pair, as in the photo


Admissible power depending on the connector of the 5.3kwh Weco lithium battery
When we buy more than one weco lithium battery to be mounted in parallel, the type of connection is important to obtain maximum performance and safety. If we only use a cluster of up to 5 batteries, we can mount it with a conventional 25mm cable (included) but we must limit the intensity to a maximum of 120 amps (6000w) whether we use one or 5 batteries.

Mounting with conventional cable 25mm (120A)


If we use the high intensity weco connectors, we can request the maximum intensity which is 100 A x N batteries of 100, 200,300,400 and up to 500 amps depending on whether we use 1, 2, 3,4 or 5 batteries.

As the final connection to the inverter we will use a double 50 mm copper cable.

Assembly with high intensity connectors (360A)


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