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Feeo 275V AC 2-pole surge arrester

Feeo 275V AC 2-pole surge arrester

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The FEEO surge arrester of the FSP-A40 series is useful for safeguarding electrical systems and equipment against transient and impulsive overvoltages such as, for example, those caused by lightning and electrical manoeuvres.
Their function is to divert the discharge or impulse current generated by an overvoltage to earth, thus protecting downstream equipment.

• Uc: 2750Vac
• In: 20KA
• Imaz: 40kA
• Poles: 1 + N
• Cartridges: non-replaceable
• Outside DIN: 2 modules
• Dimensions: 72 x 36 x 94mm


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IMPORTANT NOTE: The price of this product includes 10% or 22% VAT. 
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