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Solis Inverter S6 2,5kW - Monofase S6-GR1P2.5K-DC 2 MPPT

Solis Inverter S6 2,5kW - Monofase S6-GR1P2.5K-DC 2 MPPT

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    Caratteristiche dell'inverter di rete Solis S6 2,5kW - Monofase - 2 MPPT

    The S6-GR1P(2,5-6)K series inverter is designed for residential PV systems. The maximum input current per string is 14A, which is compatible with high efficiency modules and bifacial modules. Compact and ultra-lightweight design, easy to install. The protective level is increased to IP66. Built-in AFCI function can proactively reduce fire risk.

    • Maximum efficiency 97.7%
    • String current up to 14A
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Integrated Export Power Management
    • Integrated AFCI (Arc Protection)
    • Simple and flexible network connection
    • Ultra High Frequency Switching Technology
    • Wide operating range and low starting voltage
    • Dual MPPT with high precision tracking algorithm


    Data sheet, manual and certificates Inverter Solis S6-GR1P(2.5-6)K

    You can see the technical data sheet, manual and certificates on the official website  CLICKING HERE.

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