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V-TAC Single-Phase Hybrid Inverter 6kW 6000W with LCD Screen including TA WiFi and Cables 5+5 Year Warranty IP65 CEI 0-21

V-TAC Single-Phase Hybrid Inverter 6kW 6000W with LCD Screen including TA WiFi and Cables 5+5 Year Warranty IP65 CEI 0-21

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Original inverters V-TAC Italy

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V-TAC 48V Single-phase Hybrid Inverter 6kW 6000W


Accessories included

  • 1x WiFi Inverter Logger Stick
  • 2x Pair of MC4 Solar Connectors for Solar Cables
  • 1x Current Transformer (TA / CT) for Current Measurement

The Hybrid Inverter V-TAC 115086 Single-phase 6kW Double MPPT is an electronic device that converts the direct current supplied by the photovoltaic solar panels into alternating current, with a single-phase output suitable for the consumption of homes or commercial premises .
It is supplied complete with accessories: Current Transformer (CT), 2 pairs of MC4 Solar Connectors, RJ45 cable and WiFi module for remote monitoring.
This inverter is referred to as a hybrid as it can operate with or without batteries.


5 year warranty | Option for warranty extension + 5 years


It is equipped with a LCD screen which allows you to interact with the settings.

Integrated Zero Emission function.

Heat dissipation takes place via radiators thus ensuring a low noise.

Equipped with charge/discharge protection. The degree of protection is IP65, so it can also be used for outdoor use.

It is possible to control consumption remotely via the Apps:

SOLARMAN Smart, for private and domestic use;
SOLARMAN Business, for Corporate Use, with the possibility of having a centralized view of all the systems created and issuing the authorizations for accessing the system to the end user.
To add a new system, follow the initialisation procedure of the Datalogger (WiFi module) indicated in the instruction manual.


Download declaration of conformity CEI 0-21

Download test report CEI 0-21

Download the instruction manual


Technical specifications

Brand name

Degree of Protection


Operating temperature
-25°C to +60°C

Maximum AC power

Electric system
Single phase

Output inverter
230V L+N+PE

Maximum input power

Maximum input voltage

MPPT voltage range

Number of MPPT trackers

Maximum current for MPPT

Maximum output current

Network frequency
50Hz / 60Hz

Mains voltage

Power factor
0.8 lagging ~ 0.8 leading


Maximum efficiency

MPPT efficiency

RS485 / CAN / DRM

Cooling down


Maximum operating altitude

Relative humidity

Night energy consumption

Strings for MPPT



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