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Victron Energy

Victron Energy Cerbo GX

Victron Energy Cerbo GX

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Victron Energy Cerbo GX

This brand new communication center allows you to always have total control of the systems, wherever you are and maximizing performance. You just need to connect from the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access directly via the GX Touch 50, an MFD or the VictronConnect app, thanks to its new Bluetooth function.

Perfect monitoring and control

Instantly monitor battery state of charge, energy consumption, PV energy harvesting, generator and power, or check tank levels and measure temperature. Easy control of shore-side input current limit, (automatic) start/stop of the generator(s) or change any setting to optimize the system. Search for alerts, run diagnostic checks, and remotely troubleshoot. The Cerbo GX turns every energetic challenge into an effortless experience.

Maximize your system performance

The Cerbo GX maximizes the performance of real-time systems components and keeps them in top condition. Thanks to its Dual Core Processor and the addition of an additional CAN-bus, you can now support even larger systems, closely monitor the (lithium) batteries to manage, while the second port can support up to 25 EV solar chargers. Can connected simultaneously. New NMEA 2000-out support allows the GX to be easily integrated into any boat's network. Four tanks and four temperature ports, as well as 3 VE.Direct ports, 3 USB ports, 4 digital inputs and 2 relays let you take control to a new level. It has never been easier to maximize system performance.

Easier assembly and configuration

The Cerbo GX has been optimized to meet much more than the standards of professional installers. The device mounts easily on a DIN rail, its optional touchscreen can now be bolted to a panel, thus eliminating the need to create perfect templates (as for the Color Control GX) and is connected via a single cable, thus eliminating the inconvenience of having to connect many cables to the panel. Its new Bluetooth feature allows for quick connection and setup via our VictronConnect app.


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    IMPORTANT NOTE: The price of this product includes 10% or 22% VAT.  
    The reduced VAT is reserved for end users of photovoltaic and thermal systems for the production of heat or energy residing in Italy.
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