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WaterWorld WW 4-10-20kW Motore Elettrico Entrobordo - con display manopola switch relay e cavi

WaterWorld WW 4-10-20kW Motore Elettrico Entrobordo - con display manopola switch relay e cavi

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The highest quality at an affordable price

  • Over 1500 electric motors installed only in the Netherlands
  • Complete set with display, knob, switch, relay and cables
  • 100% manufactured and tested in the Netherlands (we visited their factory)
  • Fast delivery (2-4 weeks)
  • app iOS
  • Air cooling

    The WaterWorld induction motor is air-cooled, allowing a Simple installation Without cooling pipes and reducing maintenance.

  • Intelligent integrated system

    All components of the system communicate with each other. A System Extremely reliable That keeps you always up to date with everything that's happening.

  • Extremely silent

    Engine control unit (developed in WaterWorld) that does not emit sound, in combination with the use of a stepless induction motor Super quiet . The result is an industry-leading product also in terms of quietness.

  • Zero maintenance

    The air-cooled WaterWorld engine does not require any maintenance during the winter period and thus saves you money. A maintenance-free transmission system. No need to worry about oil changes or dirty water. Just a dusting every now and then 😉

Choose the power

Use the table on the side to choose the engine power according to the length of the boat and the weight.

For larger boats, WaterWorld also has engines available POD And SAILDRIVE . Contact us if you are interested.

100% ELECTRICAL system

Say goodbye forever to noisy, bulky, heavy, smelly, polluting and underperforming diesel/petrol engines.

The complete set WaterWorld allows easy and fast installation.

Zero maintenance!

You can add WaterWorld batteries or our Lithium. Store batteries

IBRID System

Your boat can become Hybrid With a expense of more or less € 6,000 , Adding a WaterWorld electric motor to the combustion engine already present.

Engines can be connected on the same propeller axis via a belt (as in the first photo).

In this way you can go 100% electric in ports and protected areas and use the diesel engine in the open sea.

The system recharges lithium batteries while using the diesel engine.

Value your boat: boats with diesel engines will be increasingly devalued. With a hybrid engine you are "future-proofed" while keeping the value high even going forward in time.

  • WaterWorld Battery

    • waterproof IP67
    • CAN communication with Battery Link system
    • IOS app and is interfaced with Raymarine systems
    • Assembled in the Netherlands
    • 3 years warranty
  • Lithium. Store Batteries

    • waterproof IP67
    • CAN communication for display state of charge/current on display (included)
    • NMEA integration via Victron Energy BMV-712 battery monitor ( Link )
    • 11 years warranty

All ACCESSORIES you need are included

  • display 4,9"
  • Aluminum knob
  • relay
  • Under Key Switch
  • cables

100% Made in the Netherlands

All WaterWorld products are designed and assembled in the Netherlands, where there are strict regulations in terms of nautical certifications.

The company is 100% made by Dutch, we personally visited their factory.

The products are not assembled and important from China, with long waiting times.

When ordering, all items will be assembled and tested (with certification) in the Netherlands. Waiting times from the time of payment are 2-4 weeks.

Quick Chargers 850W-2000W

WaterWorld original IP67 waterproof chargers available


Explore WaterWorld's revolutionary installation kit, specifically designed for most Saildrive systems from Yanmar, Volvo Penta and Technodrive.

Our system is designed for Regenerate energy during navigation , Ensuring optimal energy use.

Your current cable system remains intact, thanks to our innovative installation kit.

In just one day , Turn your boat from diesel-dependent to 100% electric eco-friendly.

Contact us if interested. Delivery time is 1-3 months.

POD Engines

In terms of superior performance and efficiency, POD electric motors offer a remarkable range of advantages over traditional inboard engines.

  • Incredible maneuverability 360 °
  • Minimized sound and vibration thanks to installation in the water
  • Maximum flexibility from small to large boats

Contact us if interested. Delivery time is 1-3 months.

Battery 48V 108 kWh

This battery is available for ready delivery. It consists of more batteries in parallel 13600Wh WaterWorld batteries with integrated chargers on the surface.

For large boats you can use multiple POD engines with these batteries.


  • Installation is simple for an industry professional.
  • After assembly, the engines are tested at the factory and a certification of the tests made is issued. If at the time of installation something does not work, an incorrect installation was definitely carried out.
  • 3-year warranty on the whole system.
  • Download below all technical documents

Official WaterWorld Distributors

You can see on their website that we are official distributors by clicking below

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