VAT 10 percent photovoltaic storage

10% VAT relief

Some of our products display the price with 10% VAT:

  • solar panels
  • solar charge controllers
  • kits that include solar panels and relative accessories such as batteries, inverters, fuses, busbars, cables


Reserved for private individuals and for installers who purchase on behalf of private individuals, the 10% VAT is a concession from the Italian state to encourage the production of energy from renewable sources (photovoltaic/ wind/thermal).


Applies to finished goods purchased to integrate the existing system.

So in the case of photovoltaic systems you can take advantage of the discount on products such as batteries, solar panels, inverters and battery chargers. Virtually all of our products.

For companies that intend to resell the products, VAT at 22% must be applied.


To take advantage of the discounts, the customer will need to fill in the document that can be downloaded below.

After the purchase, we will send this document to the customer, together with the sales invoice.

The customer will have to fill in the document, sign it and send it to us by email or post.

A photocopy (or photo PERFECTLY LEGIBLE) of the  identity cardor valid passport must also be attached.

Documents sent by email must be perfectly legible. It is recommended to use a scanner, or alternatively send us the documents by post.


In the absence of the necessary documents, the order will not be processed. 


We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we don't make the laws, this is the procedure to do so that the customer can receive the reduced VAT of 10%.


You can download the document below 

Download the document