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Weco Lithium Battery 5,3kWh Mod.5k3 LV-HV 100% DOD High and Low Voltage

Weco Lithium Battery 5,3kWh Mod.5k3 LV-HV 100% DOD High and Low Voltage

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Original batteries WECO

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  • Weco 5K3 Dual HV/LV 48v lithium battery pack has dual BMS to be used in high and low voltage.

  • It has more than 7800 100% discharge cycles.

  • Through its Wi-Fi accessory we can monitor via app and it supports 5G.

  • We can expand up to 40 batteries to produce 212 kWh useful in 48 volts and up to 561 kWh in high voltage.

  • Allows nominal currents of 1C and peak of 2C with 10-year standard warranty.

Universal compatibility with any 48v inverter or regulator on the market by configuring the correct load values. The weco lithium battery guarantees its duration thanks to a unique active cell equalizer on the market capable of balancing the cells in real time.
Black color model.


Advantages of the Weco 5.3kwh HV/LV lithium battery
The weco lithium battery is one of the best storage systems that can be purchased on the market.

It is the only lithium battery model on the market patented to operate in high and low voltage thanks to a double BMS.

Weco lithium battery has a 10-year warranty. The main advantages of Weco 5k3 lithium batteries are:

- Universal Compatibility: Weco lithium battery can work in communication with the main brands on the market such as Voltronic, Studer, Schneider, Solax, Sofar Solar, SMA, Growatt, Goodwee, Imeon... Also with any other brand of inverter or the regulator can work without communication in 48V, by programming the values we recommend. In all cases the guarantee is 10 years.

- Double BMS for low and high voltage : 5k3 HV/LV battery has double bms and double connection port. If we want to use it in low voltage at 48v we will use the CAN A output and the low voltage connection port. If, on the other hand, we want to use it in high voltage, we will use the CAN B output and the high voltage quick connector port. For high voltage, the weco BMU accessory must be purchased.

- Allows 100% discharge : Weco lithium battery has 7800 cycles at 100% discharge. We can bring the battery to full discharge and use its full capacity. Also, if we run shallower drains, like 80%, we increase the cycles to over 10,000.

- Charge and discharge intensity 1C: Weco lithium battery allows charging and discharging at 1C, so with a single Weco 5k3 lithium battery we can charge and discharge more than 5500Wh (110Ah) nominal . In just 1 hour we can carry out a 90% charge and we can use 5kw power inverters with a single battery without having warranty problems.

Its active equalizer and special cell chemistry allow for a higher charge and discharge intensity than many batteries on the market

- Operation in extreme temperatures: The Weco 5k3 lithium battery allows discharging in an extreme temperature range between -20ºC and +65ºC and charging between -7 and 55ºC. No other lithium battery on the market has this temperature range. They are the only lithium batteries certified by telecom operators for desert environments. Even a mountain hut is no problem with WECO batteries, thanks to the fact that their autonomy is even higher than that of lead-acid batteries.


Active equalizer for Weco battery

Unlike many other lithium batteries with passive cell balancing systems, Weco batteries use an active equalizer which always ensures that the cells are perfectly equalized and without loss of performance. The weco active battery equalizer, unlike passive systems, manages to exchange energy between the higher voltage cell and the lower one. Thanks to a charge transmission system between the cells, the charge and discharge efficiency is very high as it does not require heat dissipation through resistors used in passive systems.

Another advantage of active equalizer is that it can equalize high currents, passive systems consume energy from higher cells to equalize them and normally take a long time to equalize unbalanced cells, sometimes even several days. Weco's active battery system can compensate for more than 10 amps of current between cells, so compensation is immediate even at maximum charge or discharge current.


Weco battery mobile app
The Weco lithium battery allows Wi-Fi connectivity with mobile devices. To be able to connect via mobile phone, you must purchase the dedicated Weco wifi accessory. Each wifi weco allows us to display up to 5 batteries in parallel (one cluster).


Expansion of the Weco battery bank to 48 Volt
-The weco lithium battery is expandable and allows you to connect up to 8 batteries in parallel at 48v without accessories with the internal low voltage BMS to create systems with up to 42.4 wh useful.

The weco 5k3 universal lithium battery is supplied as standard with accessories to be installed on the wall by fixing it to the wall (recommended for one unit only) or superimposed (recommended for 2 or more units) using the brackets included in the package.

It is not necessary to purchase a cabinet or an external accessory for its assembly. Both mounting options and the related accessories are included in each weco battery, as well as the power and parallel communication cables.

To use more than 8 batteries, we must acquire the HUB to be able to install up to a maximum of 40 units in 5 clusters of 5 batteries (212kwh useful).


Weco is the only double lithium battery that can also be used in high voltage
The Weco lithium battery, thanks to its double BMS, allows double operation.

At high voltage we can build systems up to 561.4 kWh. The use of the weco BMU is essential for working in high voltage. See compatible inverters in High voltage. Some examples of high voltage configurations:


Weco is compatible with any configurable solar or charging system
The weco 4k4 lithium battery is designed to operate in virtually any 48 volt solar system.

It is the most compatible lithium battery on the market due to the fact that it has one of the most advanced BMS and BMU.

Operation with communication: the Weco lithium battery can work by communicating correctly with the main brands on the market such as the hybrid inverters Voltronic, Studer, Schneider (models from 2019) Imeon, SMA, Sofar Solar, Solax, Goodwee or Growatt to name a few.

Operation without communication: the weco lithium battery can operate without communication with all low voltage configurable systems. We will only have to enter the recommended values. With WECO you can use Outback, Must Solar, Ingeteam and, in general, any charge controller or inverter that meets your requirements.

In any case, the warranty is 10 years



Technical data sheet Lithium battery WECO 4k4

You can see the technical data sheet on the official website CLICKING HERE.


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