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Sterling Power

DC-DC 12V-12V Sterling Power BB1260 Battery to Battery charger 60A 60 Ampere Caricabatterie

DC-DC 12V-12V Sterling Power BB1260 Battery to Battery charger 60A 60 Ampere Caricabatterie

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Sterling Power BB1260 Battery to Battery charger 60 Ampere

The products of the English company Sterling Power have been used for years especially in the world of marine and recreational vehicles.
This product (battery to battery charger o DC-DC charger) is installed between the engine battery and the service battery,[_0127_5_2 ] used to correctly recharge the service battery via the alternator of the camper/van/boat, with a maximum output current of 60A.

It takes the input voltage and converts it to the right voltage to properly recharge the service battery.
It's not a simple voltage converter, it's more sophisticated.
It is an indispensable product for correctly recharging lithium batteries via an alternator.
It also improves the charge of lead-acid service batteries. Compensates for voltage drop. A good DC-DC charger, designed to deliver 50A, if installed correctly with adequate cable sections, will certainly deliver all the 50A declared.

Among the pre-set charging profiles, there is also the LiFePO4 one, to correctly recharge the lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Also compatible with Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles.

If it's worth it, you can still use your old 220V charger for lead/AGM/gel batteries, connecting it directly to the engine battery. In this way, while you are recharging the battery from a 220V socket, the DC-DC charger is activated, which correctly recharges the lithium service battery.

The Sterling Power Battery To Battery Charger is activated above a certain voltage and DOES NOT discharge the engine battery to which it is connected

If the engine is off, the DC-DC charger remains off. When the engine is running, it activates.

Once connected, the Sterling Power battery-to-battery charger will recognize the LiFePO4 battery.

Currently, the default values for LifePO4 batteries are:

Bulk/Absorption voltage: 14.4V
Float voltage: 13.8V

If you want to customize the values, you can do so using the two buttons on the front, following the detailed instructions we will provide you in Italian. It involves entering the CUSTOM mode, which will give you the possibility to customize many parameters. Make no mistakes, otherwise it is better to leave the basic settings for the LiFePO4. Programming the Victron Orion is much simpler, using the Victron Connect app for Android and iOS devices.

You can ask us for the instructions in Italian that explain how to set it for LiFePO4 batteries.

If you are not an expert, with a small price supplement you can also purchase the Configuration service as an option: you will provide us with the specifications of your batteries and we will configure the Battery to Battery Charger Sterling before shipping it to you.

To achieve higher charging currents, more than one Sterling Power Battery To Battery Charger can be connected in parallel.
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