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Deye Sun

DEYE 6kW single-phase grid inverter 6000W 2 mppt wifi

DEYE 6kW single-phase grid inverter 6000W 2 mppt wifi

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    Characteristics of the DEYE SUN 6kW single-phase grid inverter

    deye sun 6000w on-grid inverter is a self-consumption grid inverter with two 500v mppt inputs and up to 7800w in solar panels. It has Wi-Fi as standard for monitoring through the free Solarman portal. The deye sun 6000w grid inverter can operate as a zero discharge system or by injecting surpluses into the grid. User-friendly monitoring and configuration screen with built-in DC switch. Passive heatsink without fans and IP 65 case.


    Zero input possibility
    The Deye sun inverters have a zero discharge and measurement clamp as standard, with which we can carry out discharge or export control through the input phase of the connection with the clamp.
    The deye sun inverters can use the deye chint meter (optional) to perform export control or zero discharge on the grid using this DIN rail meter if preferred. The meter records the current flows of the system and sends them to the inverter. Using the meter, if we have enabled the zero export function, it can decrease solar production or increase it based on our consumption, ensuring that there are no surpluses introduced into the grid. If, on the other hand, we want to pay the surpluses into the clearing systems, we will not activate the export control function and all the surpluses will be fed into the network.
    The advantage of using the Deye counter on a clamp is that the counter records statistics at night as it has its own power supply. With the caliper we don't have statistics on consumption for the house outside solar hours.


    Deye sun 6000w inverter allows 30% additional power

    The Deye sun inverters for self-consumption allow an oversized photovoltaic field up to 30% compared to its power. Thanks to this we have managed to maximize production over the entire daily irradiation range with a power curve close to its nominal power. Its wide range of use from 80 to 550v allows us great flexibility of photovoltaic field options and solar module power.


    Wi-Fi monitoring included in the Deye Sun 6000w inverter
    The entire range of Deye Sun self-consumption inverters include Wi-Fi for use with the free Solarman Smart app available on Google Play for smartphones and PCs. One of the most complete applications on the market where it is possible to check all the operating parameters of the Deye hybrid inverter, such as production, consumption and operating statistics.


    Screen for monitoring and configuring the deye sun 6000w inverter

    The Deye hybrid inverter has a screen where it is possible to configure all the operating possibilities of the inverter and monitor the production values of the system. A screen that facilitates the installation and control of the operation of the inverter in a simple and fast way.


    Efficient cooling and IP65 degree of protection
    The deye sun self-consumption inverters have IP 65 protection and their smart cool system allows you to use their nominal power without degrading up to 45 degrees. Its large aluminum fanless heat sink is a quiet heat dissipation system that enables efficient cooling without noise.


    Included protections and disconnector under load
    The deye sun inverter is equipped with internal protections for safe operation as well as a "dc switch" (switch) to exclude the photovoltaic field under load.

    Among the protections it includes we have:
    - Protection against atmospheric phenomena DC type II and AC type II (surge) included
    - Anti-island protection included
    - Short circuit protection included
    - Detection of insulation faults in solar panels included
    - Reverse polarity protection in the strings included
    - DC switch for paying off the photovoltaic field


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