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MV Agusta

E-MV Agusta Lucky Explorer Gravel off-road e-bike

E-MV Agusta Lucky Explorer Gravel off-road e-bike

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Lucky Explorer Gravel

E-MV AGUSTA Off Road E-Bike

E-bike off-road by eMV Agusta. With a carbon frame made with Campagnolo Ekar components, to guarantee a compact, light, essential and functional bicycle with an intense off-road character.

  • Motor

    Mahle X20

  • Battery

    Mahle 36V/9.8A 350Wh ANT +

  • Chassis


  • Fork


  • Brakes

    Campagnolo EKAR

  • Brackets calipers

    Campagnolo EKAR

  • You look for


  • Wheels

    Pirelli Cinturato

  • Grips

    Prologo Plain Touch

  • Sella

    Prologo Dimension

  • Crankset

    Campagnolo EKAR 13 gears

  • Belt


  • Couple

    55 nm bed sheet

  • Distance

    140 km

  • Weight

    12.8 kg


    The Lucky Explorer Gravel Off road e-bikes Are incredibly light (Starting with the 12.8 kg ). Their Lightness Therefore makes them particularly Handling , Comfortable and Easy to carry .



    The carbon fork, in addition to being very Lightweight And therefore well Easy to handle , It also allows to Absorb At best the Vibration .

  • Mahle X20 engine with torque sensor

  • Campagnolo EKAR 13 gears

Why buy MV AGUSTA e-bikes from us?

  • We are AUTHORISED DEALERS From MV AGUSTA as you can see Here on their map .
  • We have been in the field of renewable energy for many years. We have been selling our lithium batteries since 2015, in the camper and boat sector we are known throughout Italy. You can see here the list of our sponsors, youtubers who have been using our batteries for years and honestly review them: THE BAND OF LITHIUM .
  • Unlike many shops that operate online only, we have a shop where you can try MV AGUSTA e-bikes.

Come see us:

LITIO STORE, Via G.Matteotti, 4/B, 06028, Seal (PG) -ITALY


Lun-Ven 9.00-17.00.


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