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MV Agusta

E-MV Agusta Rapido Serie ORO monopattino elettrico e-scooter 500W 500Wh 48V

E-MV Agusta Rapido Serie ORO monopattino elettrico e-scooter 500W 500Wh 48V

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Inspired by the bike

E-MV Rapido Serie Oro is the Italian stallion of the world of e-scooters, it takes you where you want to go with style, speed and comfort. Decades of engineering and excellence in design channeled towards the combination of the style of an MV Agusta motorcycle in the body of an e-scooter.

E-MV RAPID AGUSTA GOLD SERIES Electric Scooter 500W 500Wh 48V

  • Engine Power


  • Peak pair

    It's 24 nm

  • Battery

    48V 10.4Ah 500Wh

  • Charging time

    6 ore

  • Display


  • Arrows (mandatory)

    WingLights 360 Fixed

  • Maximum distance

    50 km

  • Maximum Load

    100 kg

  • Brakes

    Plumber, double disc.

  • Wheels

    10" tubeless

  • Speed limit

    20-25 km/h

  • Chassis

    Magnesium Aluminum

  • Lights


  • Weight

    19 kg


    A state-of-the-art brushless motor provides a continuous power of 500 W. An excellent recovery is guaranteed both at the start and in the uphill sections without slowing down in the pace.

    There are 4 performance levels to choose from:

    -Pedonal-Eco - Comfort - Sport +
    Each mode provides an adequate level of speed and energy consumption

    EU speed limit
    25 Km/h

    Peak pair
    The 25 nm

    Angle of ascent


    The design is based on narrow lines and perfectly integrated volumes between the front and rear. Magnesium alloy chassis offers a lighter performance but stronger and more reliable-it is also weather and corrosion resistant IPX4

    The 2-way folding system offers a quick and easy way to fold back, but also ensures that it stays bent.

    Corrosion Resistant

    Lightweight design
    20 KG

    Transport capacity
    100 KG


    With Rapido, you'll never have to worry about running out of power and range anxiety will become a thing of the past thanks to its 500Wh 48V battery


Monitor your journey with the App Control.

Choose your speed between 4 different levels, map your travel itinerary, check your battery performance and unlock your scooter from the app.



4-inch display, speed, travel information, battery life, indicator light, Cruise control, power output.

FRECCE (obligator in Italy)

Rechargeable LED arrows for greater safety.


Comfortable and safe handlebar grip.


Double LED headlight and rear light.


10-inch tubeless tires front and rear


Durable and non-slip fiberglass platform


The 2-wheel hydraulic brake system maintains smooth shutdown and steering control.

Why buy MV AGUSTA e-bikes from us?

  • We are AUTHORISED DEALERS From MV AGUSTA as you can see Here on their map .
  • We have been in the field of renewable energy for many years. We have been selling our lithium batteries since 2015, in the camper and boat sector we are known throughout Italy. You can see here the list of our sponsors, youtubers who have been using our batteries for years and honestly review them: THE BAND OF LITHIUM .
  • Unlike many shops that operate online only, we have a shop where you can try MV AGUSTA e-bikes.

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