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JA solar

JA solar 500W Deep Blue 3.0 PERC Half Cell Monocrystalline 500Wp 72 cells Solar Panel

JA solar 500W Deep Blue 3.0 PERC Half Cell Monocrystalline 500Wp 72 cells Solar Panel

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Original photovoltaic modules JA Solar brand

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WARNING: the minimum quantity that can be ordered is 10 solar panels, unless they are included with one of our solar kits.[ _0127_5_1]

Photovoltaic module JA solar 405W Deep Blue 3.0 with PERC technology 

  • Peak power (PMAX): 500W
  • Voltage at maximum power (VMPP): 38.53V
  • Intensity at maximum power (IMPP): 13.04A
  • Open circuit voltage (VOC): 45.59 V
  • Short circuit current (ISC): 13.93 A


The 500W Deep Blue 3.0 JA Mono Solar Panel has very particular characteristics. It contains half cells that offer very high efficiency with 500W of power. It has PERC technology. The 500W Deep Blue Solar Panel is a panel from the Ja Solar brand, one of the best manufacturers that can currently be found in the sector. This range has monocrystalline cells of the PERC type, which give the panel excellent technical characteristics, since these cells offer the possibility of generating greater production and efficiency with the same number of cells as a normal panel.


Thanks to the technical characteristics offered by this panel, it allows an efficiency of about 21.1%. The JA Solar company has more than 15 years of experience and about 20,000 employees, it also always appears in all Tier 1 reports, this is because over the years it has created a place in the sector, as well as for its high production capacity. JA Solar, in addition to being a module assembler, also manufactures photovoltaic cells for the different ranges, which take into account the premium models that feature the latest technology.

Focusing a little on the technical specifications of the 500w solar panel, it has a power of 500W, a voltage of 18.5-19.5V and a current of 25.9A, and its design is one of the most modern, making use of Deep Blue 3.0 technology, which allows the panel to be more efficient in capturing solar radiation. It is certified to work in high performance conditions, with any mounting system and with minimal maintenance.

This solar panel is a great option for anyone who wants to get clean and safe energy with the best quality. It offers great efficiency, excellent performance and great durability, making it one of the best options on the market.


Out of all the models, it offers a range that has excellent performance and some truly remarkable features. The cells of this panel are distributed in two groups and offer a great production. JA Solar branded panels, in addition to offering one of the best qualities you can find, do so at a very affordable price.


It is important to keep in mind that these production data are obtained in conditions where the irradiance is 1000W/m², with a temperature of about 25º and an air mass of 1.5AM. The output power tolerance is ±5W.

It is also important to note that all JA Solar branded products are subject to rigorous and stringent quality controls, with the aim of being able to enjoy international certificates and that they can be installed in any solar installation.


The products of this company have a 12-year mechanical guarantee against manufacturing defects, during this period any manufacturing problems will be covered. In addition, a 25-year production guarantee is also offered, in which 80% of the production of the modules is guaranteed compared to when they were new.

JA Solar solar panels with half cell technology have three boxes built into the back. The power cables with their positive and negative terminals come out of the terminal boxes. Inside the core box you will find the bypass diodes.

Special features of the 500W Deep Blue 3.0 JA Solar Mono Solar Panel
The 500W Deep Blue 3.0 JA mono solar panel is slightly larger than a conventional 24V solar panel. Having half cells in two groups requires additional space in its core. In summary, the measurements are 2094 x 1134 x 35 mm and a weight of 26.3 kg. The frame of the panel is made of anodized aluminum so it has a high resistance to be able to position it correctly to the structure on which it is positioned. This also prevents the module from twisting to ensure its integrity.


As regards the inclination and orientation of the panel, it can be stated that it is vitally important that it is adequate to obtain maximum solar production. That's why the solar panel must be installed in an optimal position to maximize its productivity during the day and throughout the year. For this reason, shadows on the solar panel must be avoided at all costs, in order to guarantee maximum production during all hours of solar radiation.


In recent years, solar energy has become a very popular option for providing energy for homes and businesses. With the help of a 500W solar panel, homeowners can tap into an abundant source of renewable energy to power their homes, save money, and reduce their environmental footprint. A 500W solar panel offers many benefits to powering a home, such as increased energy efficiency, increased safety, reliable operation, and greater cost savings. With the right mix of solar panel installation, maintenance, and financing, a 500W solar panel can provide homeowners with a clean, reliable source of energy, along with many other benefits. You can contact us for more information on the benefits of using a 500W solar panel to supply energy to your home.

A 500W solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, allowing you to use this energy source to power your home. The amount of electricity produced by a 500W solar panel depends on the number of hours the sun shines on the panel. The capacity of a 500W solar panel is measured in watts and is the most common unit of measurement for solar panel products. As with other renewable energy sources, the output of a 500W solar panel fluctuates throughout the day, which results in less energy production at certain times. A 500W solar panel will normally be connected to several solar panels for a larger installation. When placed in an area with sufficient solar radiation, multiple 500W solar panel units will produce enough power for typical household needs. So if you add more 500W panels, you'll have a bigger power source that can power any installation.


A 500W solar panel offers significant benefits for powering a home and reducing its environmental impact, including: - Increased energy efficiency: A 500W solar panel is an efficient source of renewable energy. This means that a 500W solar panel produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a traditional power source provided by an electric company. Thus, a 500W solar panel can reduce your home's carbon footprint by reducing emissions. - Increased safety: A 500W solar panel powers your home with clean, renewable energy, making it an ideal energy source to power your home in an emergency. Additionally, a 500W solar panel also provides a reliable source of electricity, making it an ideal choice for powering your home. - Reliable Operation: A 500W solar panel is a very reliable energy source, generating electricity at any time of the day as long as the sun is out. You won't have to worry about the power source if you use a 500W solar panel as it is a reliable power source that offers great life. - Greater cost savings: A 500W solar panel is one of the most cost-effective options for power generation, as it generates power to amortize your investment compared to electricity produced by power companies. Therefore, a 500W solar panel can represent significant long-term cost savings for homeowners. - Reducing your environmental impact: A 500W solar panel is an environmentally friendly option for providing energy to your home, as it produces zero emissions when generating electricity. Therefore, a 500W solar panel can help you reduce your home's carbon footprint by powering it with clean, renewable energy.



What are the advantages of PERC technology?

A PERC cell (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) incorporates a reflective layer on the back, between the silicon and the aluminium. Thanks to this technique, part of the radiation is reflected on the silicon layer and does not pass through the solar panel. With this reflection, the cell absorbs more energy and can also dissipate temperature better, thus achieving higher thermal efficiency than other classic PV cell technologies, as heat is an enemy of a solar panel's performance.

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