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DC-DC 12V/12V-70A Complete Kit-Sterling Power Alternator Charging

DC-DC 12V/12V-70A Complete Kit-Sterling Power Alternator Charging

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Complete kit DC-DC Victron Orion 12V/12V-70A with fuse cable lugs

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  • Fast Charging to 70A (Minimum 140A Alternator)
  • 4mt cords from Sterling Power BB1270 motor battery with pair of busbar 2P dual terminal. If the distance between the motor battery and the BB1270 is no more than 2 meters, you can eliminate the two 2P busbar and the 35msqm cable. From 4 to 6 meters use 50msqm cable. From 7 to 9 meters 70 msqm cable.
  • 3mt cables from Sterling Power BB1270 A busbar or battery services
  • 2 complete short cables (max. 100A) for connection from motor battery to fuse and from fusibille to busbar or battery services
  • REDARC Fuses & Fuses

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