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Fixing kit for 3 vertical solar panels on flat ground for 3 photovoltaic modules

Fixing kit for 3 vertical solar panels on flat ground for 3 photovoltaic modules

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Solar panel fixing structures

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    Fixing kit for 3 panels vertical solar panels on roof or flat ground.

     The 3-panel flat roof kit consists of:

    • 4 x universal adjustable triangle
    120cm x 120cm x 63cm
    • 3 x universal profile
    • 2 x joint for universal profile
    • 8 x bolt and nut for hook and universal profile connection
    • 4 x universal center clamp
    • 4 x universal end clamp

    Anchor hardware for the solar panel it is to be installed on is not included. Depending on the surface it is placed on (concrete, metal roof, etc.), it will require one or another type of screw that you will have to purchase yourself. Keep in mind that the surface on which it is installed is capable of withstanding, in addition to the weight, the tensions caused by the wind. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is installed in a secure and solid place. No special tools are required except a spanner and anything else needed to anchor the structure to the surface on which it is installed.

    The materials are made entirely of high quality aluminum, while the screws and accessories are made of stainless steel.

    The EN AW 6005A T6 alloy is a high resistance aluminum alloy, for this reason, as well as for its ability to be anodized, it is used to make structural profiles. All the structures present can be offered in anodized aluminum, the advantage of which compared to raw aluminum structures is greater resistance to corrosion.

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