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540W Full Solar Kit for 24V Battery

540W Full Solar Kit for 24V Battery

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540W full solar kit for 24V plants boats, campers, off-grid

Free delivery in 1-2 weeks 🚚📅

Three solar panels from 180 Watts Produce on average (summer/winter) 2100Wh per day.

The highest quality at minimum price😁

For your SAFETY We only choose Original products And Certificates ! 🔥

Everything you need to carry out the installation, already calculated and correctly sized

  • App control Bluetooth Victron Energy
  • I Solar panels I am FULL BLACK Full black 😍
  • Fuse (Battery side) with On/Off switch to allow this part of the system to be isolated during maintenance. Brand MP Mechanical Products ( Made in USA )
  • Photovoltaic fuse (photovoltaic side) designed specifically for this use

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