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MP Battery Stacking with Fuse Reset 15A-60A Series 53- Made in USA MechProd

MP Battery Stacking with Fuse Reset 15A-60A Series 53- Made in USA MechProd

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Push to Reset Fuse Battery Stopper

Series 53 - Battery Switch Circuit Breaker

Brand: MP Mechanical Products (Made in USA).

Top quality fuse battery pack manufactured in the US!

The MP 53 Series is specifically designed to join two traditionally separate products (switch off/reset fuse) into a single, small size device that can be conveniently placed.

The MP 53 Series combines the certifications required by ABYC circuit breakers (UL1077 & SAE J1428) and marine power switching standards (UL1107).

This innovative new product from MP protects against short circuit upstream of up to 3,000 amps for home on-board circuits. Helps prevent battery consumption when the switch is in the OFF position, While ensuring savings in space, labor and wiring costs ..

  • Made in the USA
  • Ignition Protected
  • IP66 & IP67
  • Certofocations-UL1077, SAE J1428, UL1107, & SAE J553

  • Voltage-32 VDC
  • Chain-10 - 60 Amperes
  • Short Circuit Interruption-
14 & 28VDC for SAE J553 & UL 1077 * (U3)
1.5kA@ 28VDC per ABYC & UL 1077* (U3)
3kA @ 28VDC for UL1077 *
  • Sinusoidal vibration: compliant with UL 1107 * 100% rated current
  • Random vibration: 12g according to MIL-STD-202, Method 214
  • Bumps: 10g according to UL 1107 *
  • Corrosion: 96 hours according to MIL-STD-202, Method 101
  • Humidity: 240 hours according to MIL-SID-202, Method 106
  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C/ 60 °C according to UL1107 *
  • Temperature increase: comply with UL1107 *
  • Switching cycles: according to UL1107 *, 28 V DC and 100% rated current.
  • Overload cycles: classification 10x according to UL 1077 * at 30 V DC
(* Tested according to standard methods.) Specifications subject to change.

      Fuses are one of the most important parts in an electrical system as far as safety is concerned. A very bad quality fuse could be the cause of a fire. MP is a renowned brand for many years especially in the nautical sector.

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      • We are official distributors of MP

      Available from: 10.15, 20.30, 40.50, 60 Ampère.

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