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Pylontech US3000 48V 3.5kWh LiFePO4 lithium battery photovoltaic storage

Pylontech US3000 48V 3.5kWh LiFePO4 lithium battery photovoltaic storage

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3.5kWh Pylontech US3000 48V

The battery Pylontech US3000 48V 3500Wh is the most used lithium storage system in the world in buildings connected or disconnected from the grid.

It is an advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) accumulator, which can be interfaced with many renowned inverters such as Victron, Fronius, Zucchetti, Solax, Growatt, Studer, Deye, SAJ, Voltronic, at a very affordable price[_0127_5_1 ]!

Another great advantage offered by the Pylontech solution, in addition to the price and compatibility with many brands of inverters on the market, is certainly the modular format, adaptable to small and large installations. In fact, they can be easily installed inside special rack cabinets, using Pylontech connection cables.

You can connect up to a maximum of 40 units.

Everything is monitored by the internal BMS which distributes the energy between the cells and modules, preventing them from being overcharged or over-discharged. This feature in a lithium battery is vital. A lithium battery without BMS is not safe.

For reasons of safety, to install more than one module of this Pylontech battery model, it is mandatory to use a rack cabinet or brackets, which allow the integrity of the system.

Installation is really very simple and fast.
This Pylontech US3000 48V 2.4kWh lithium battery can be connected to many of the inverters on the market. It incorporates multiple communication protocols that allow the Pylontech lithium battery to share its charge parameters and to function correctly with the other devices in the system.

No maintenance is required.
However, to ensure its life, it is still necessary to avoid the battery working in environments with extreme temperatures and humidity.

Technical data of Pylontech US3000 48V 3.5kWh lithium battery

Rated working voltage (V): 48V

Useful capacity: 3200Wh

Physical dimensions (in mm): 440 x 420 x 132

Weight: 32 kg

Communication interfaces: RS232, RS485, CAN

Certifications: TÜV, CE, UN38.3

Estimated service life: more than 10 years (25ºC)

Lifecycles: 6000+ with 95% DoD downloads

Connecting the Pylontech US3000 48V 3.5kWh lithium battery to the Pylontech LV-HUB hub port
The manufacturer allows you to connect up to 40 Pylontech US3000 48V 3.5 kWh units in parallel, divided into 5 blocks of 8 batteries and you must use a Pylontech LV-HUB.

10 year guarantee.

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