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Safiery SCOTTY AI 1500W/3000W 12-48V CANbus DC-DC Bidirezionale

Safiery SCOTTY AI 1500W/3000W 12-48V CANbus DC-DC Bidirezionale

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Recharge from alternator at a speed never seen before!

The two-way DC-DC of Australians Safiery , Model Scotty AI, is a revolutionary product that allows you to recharge your batteries services via alternator with a power of 1500-3000W.

That is, it is able to pick up to 250A safely, without damaging the alternator.

It is a two-way DC-DC, a product for electric cars, adapted to boats and campers.

DC-DC bidirectional

No need for battery services 12V!

The energy required by the 12V equipment is transferred from the 24/36/48V batteries via Scotty AI, with a 25 millisecond switch. With a current up to 250A.

It can draw the current from the alternator and battery services. Example: A winch that absorbs 6kW can simultaneously take 3kW from the alternator and 3kW from the Scotty AI bidirectional DC-DC.

See the diagram below...

24V/48V service battery

In the scheme it can be seen that there are no battery services 12V and the voltage converter from 24/48V to 12V.

Scotty AI is able to draw and transfer energy to lithium service batteries. Powering 12V services at the same time with the alternator when the vehicle is running and with the service batteries when the alternator is switched off.

Example scheme 12V-36/48V

Example: fishing boat with mixed combustion engines (12V) and electric (36V type MinnKota or Motorguide).

No need for a 12V lithium service battery, just use the 36V batteries.

The 36V lithium batteries will also be recharged via alternator at a speed unthinkable to date.

12V-36V connection

Here you can see the link of the previous scheme.

The 12V services (winch, on-board services, etc etc...) are connected to the 12V side Scotty AI.

The grounding is common and the 36V motor is connected to the 36V side Scotty AI.

You can also add a 12V/220V or 36V/220V inverter.

So, what differentiates Scotty AI from all other DC-DC on the market, is the fact that it is bi-directional.

This allows you to NOT Use battery services 12V and voltage converter from 24/36/48V to 12V...

.. .. In addition to recharging the batteries services at the Maximum speed Allowed by the alternator, SAFE!

You get it, don't you?



  • Does NOT damage the alternator!

    Scotty AI controls the temperature of the alternator. It does NOT always extract 125/250A, but when it can, that is, when the alternate allows it.


    3 manual configurations SOFT/MEDIUM/HARD.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The only DC-DC with CAN communication and Artificial Intelligence.

    Extracts the power from the alternator automatically after 4 phases of Machine-learning To adapt to the alternator.

    He understands the behavior of the alternator by studying the temperature, currents and voltages.

    A truly unique product on the market, a jewel of the most modern technology.

  • Famous in Australia

    We are the first distributors of this product in Europe.

    • Lithium. Store always on the piece😎

    In Australia their products are very famous and have carried out thousands of installations on all types of boats and van/camper/off-road/truck, including Ducato, Sprinter, Transit, Land cruiser, Ford Ranger, MAN, Iveco, Isuzu,...).

    By clicking in the link below you will see their channel on YouTube ( YouTube channel link )

In the future mobile systems will be 48V:

Scotty AI It's the DC-DC that was missing

By boat/camper, to use without limits induction plate, water heater, air conditioner and all kinds of "Electric comfort" We have today in our homes, we need 3000-6000W power.

A 48V system requires smaller cables and accessories that cost less.

Safiery Scotty AI is the DC-DC that was missing on the market, which allows to recharge 48V lithium batteries via 12V/24V alternator.

With all the innovations described above...

Other possibilities! Examples:

Campers, Campervans, Trucks & Off-Road 4X4

It uses the standard alternator and/or a 250A alternator to recharge the service batteries to the maximum possible power. Embrace the future and do a 48V implant in your home on wheels, using no worries any equipment.

Catamaran with 12V lithium plant already present

A Scotty 1500W is connected to the standard 120A Yanmar alternator. A Scotty 3000W is connected to the 250A alternator. Priority is given to recharging 12V batteries, up to 90%, then the 48V at full power.

Save money on batteries

Scotty AI Allows you to quickly recharge your batteries services, so in many cases you can use less batteries!

✅Example: if you have a consumption of 1.5kWh per day and have batteries with 3kWh capacity, you can recharge them every 2 days in just over an hour (with Scotty 3000W) and without solar panels!

Why buy it from us?

On their site you can see that it apparently costs less ( Link to the site Safiery ).

The Scotty AI 1500W IP65 version costs 1750 $ AUD which corresponds to 1060 € EUR.

So why buy it from us?

Because on our site it costs less! 😇

Yes, because once you have paid for shipping from Australia, duties, customs charges and import VAT, you will have spent more than buying it on our website (price 22% including VAT and free shipping). And you'll have to handle customs yourself.

In addition, read below about the advice we offer...

5-year warranty

Complex installation

⚠Other sources endorsements⚠Others

It's not like installing a common DC-DC. Installation must be performed by experienced industry personnel.

You can see the dedicated page on their site By clicking here .

Remember that for a consultation on lithium systems in campers and boats you can always count on Our consultant Emiliano ! For more details on the advice and to know how to contact him, see the details on the homepage of our site.

Safiery Official Distributors

On the left Bruce and Fiona from Safiery and on the right Gabriele Sanzone from Lithium. Store.

After communicating for months, we met them at the fair and took home the first Scotty AI 1500W in Europe😁

We are certainly in direct contact with them by telephone, every question will have an answer and every problem a solution, quickly.