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Simarine PICO Battery Monitor Bluetooth Touchscreen WiFi

Simarine PICO Battery Monitor Bluetooth Touchscreen WiFi

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A masterpiece of battery monitor Made in Slovenia

SIMARINE PICO is an advanced battery monitor

It can be connected to:

-6 battery banks

-6 additional batteries (voltage reading)

-10 temperature sensors

-14 tank level sensors

-2 inclinometers

- 24 shunts

-20 utilities or chargers


In terms of design, functionality, connectivity and ease of use, it sets new standards for battery monitors for campers and boats.

Display PICO

  • LCS TFT 3.5 IPS high resolution
  • Gorilla glass
  • Anti-glare coating

  • Elegant, thin and compact
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • CapSense®Water resistant touch buttons
  • Light sensor: the brightness is automatically adjusted

More colors and types of mounting

Colors: silver or black

Mounting type: on panel or standalone

WiFi e bluetooth

Free SIMARINE app for Android and iOS to connect your PICO to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Apps allow you to monitor all battery and tank data, upload history, change and restore settings, and update firmware with new features.

Why buy Simarine products from us?

  • We are AUTHORISED DEALERS From Simarine. We are in direct contact with them and for any problem we will be quick to give assistance.
  • We guarantee fast shipping on their products.
  • We have been in the field of renewable energy for many years. We have been selling our lithium batteries since 2015, in the camper and boat sector we are known throughout Italy. You can see here the list of our sponsors, youtubers who have been using our batteries for years and honestly review them: THE BAND OF LITHIUM .