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Simarine SCQ25 Modulo Shunt 25A Quadro

Simarine SCQ25 Modulo Shunt 25A Quadro

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SCQ25 is an innovative shunt module with four inputs for monitoring the continuous currents of individual appliances and chargers up to 25 A (35 A peak) for input on 12 V and 24 V systems.

This shunt is very convenient to monitor smaller utilities such as refrigerators or generators such as solar, wind, hydroelectric power or grid chargers. Current channels can be combined for greater amperage, i.e. continuous currents on the combined channels up to 50 A (70 A peak) on 12 V and 24 V volts. The SCQ25's innovative protection architecture allows wiring on the negative (low) or positive (high) side. Up to five modules can be connected simultaneously to monitor up to 20 channels of current (on PICO Battery Monitor only).