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TigerExped Bluetooth control panel 10 keys switch panel IP67

TigerExped Bluetooth control panel 10 keys switch panel IP67

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TigerExped BLUETOOTH 10 touch switch panel IP67 control panel.

For blade fuse.

  • Ultra-compact design and easy to install
  • Panel with almost zero depth of installation (only one hole for a single cable)
  • The panel is installed remotely from the control box, making it extremely flexible to install in any place
  • Use with standard micro USB cable
  • IP67 certified (short-term immersion).
  • Status display via LED
  • 10 A auto-reset fuse for connection
  • Noble backlight
  • Doors can be configured as switches or buttons
  • With Bluetooth-operation and panel configuration via smartphone (Android / iOS)

Control panel for boat or camper with REMOTE panel
The original TigerExped control panel with freely allocable ports, which can be programmed individually as switches or buttons, brings the operation of all your devices in one central place-extremely flexible and visually appealing.

Separate assembly of control box and panel
While the control box with all utility connections can be installed in the electrical compartment/cabinet, the panel can be comfortably brought to any place with only one micro USB cable up to 5 m in length. Instead of an installation depth through the connections, only a hole is needed to pass the USB cable.

Note on the micro USB cable: the cable is not included in the scope of delivery and can be purchased as a standard product depending on the desired length. Make sure that it is properly shielded, so do not buy a very cheap product!

IP67 certified
The control unit is protected from water and certified according to the IP67 standard, which means that it can withstand immersion of up to 1 meter in water for up to 30 minutes. It is therefore suitable for use in areas where there is a risk of water splashing on the bridge.

On the other hand, IP67 confirms that the device is dust-tight and is protected even during tours by shipping vehicle through desert areas with extremely fine dust (which experience has shown does not stop even at the smallest opening).

For this purpose the control panel has a fully enclosed membrane surface.

Fully flexible options
All buttons are freely configurable as switches or buttons!

The device can be configured and managed via smartphone (Android / iOS)!

Circuit Protection
Circuit protection is guaranteed for each port by an integrated 10A resettable fuse.

Switchboard suitable 12V and 24V
The operating voltage allowed for our original TigerExped switchboard with remote panel is between 11 and 30 Volts. It can therefore be used without problems with both the on-board voltage at 12 and 24 volts.

Connection Consumers
All utilities are connected to the control box via flat plugs.

Power connection
The power supply is supplied to the control box via a screw connection on the side housing.

Connect the control panel
All information on the control panel link and button configuration can be found in the menu item “PDF”.

TigerExped is a German brand, made by Germans! We met them personally and visited their factory in Germany. We want to specify it because there are many companies (which also sell LiFePO4 batteries) that write "German brand".

Have you wondered why lately there are many "German" companies that sell cheap products? These are companies that are actually registered in Germany and have the products in Germany, but they are Chinese in Germany, they are not Germans. This is why we would like to specify that TigerExped is a 100% German company.

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