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TigerExped 12-way Fusible Box-12 V/24V - Max 100A

TigerExped 12-way Fusible Box-12 V/24V - Max 100A

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TigerExped 12-way futible-12 V/24V - Max 100A.

For blade fuse.

Maximum 100A total. Maximum 30A for single circuit.

Maximum voltage: 32V DC.

We recommend using only branded and certified fuses and fuse holders , Although very difficult to find on the market. Save money on these accessories and be wary of famous unknown brands only on marketplaces!

Low-quality fuses and fuse holders are often the cause of malfunctions and fires! Trust only the best.

TigerExped is a German brand, made by Germans! We met them personally and visited their factory in Germany. We want to specify it because there are many companies (which also sell LiFePO4 batteries) that write "German brand".

Have you wondered why lately there are many "German" companies that sell cheap products? These are companies that are actually registered in Germany and have the products in Germany, but they are Chinese in Germany, they are not Germans. This is why we would like to specify that TigerExped is a 100% German company.

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