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TIGO TS4 Power optimizer Max 700Wp

TIGO TS4 Power optimizer Max 700Wp

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TIGO TS4 Power Optimizer

Photovoltaic modules max 700Wp.

The TS4-A optimizer allows you to isolate the operation of a single solar panel within a string of panels connected to an inverter.

It is compatible with SMA, Fronius, Kostal, Huawei and many other brands on the market. With this optimizer, the overall performance of a string will not be degraded when the panel it is attached to has partial shading or is arranged in a different orientation from the others.

In order to monitor it, it is necessary to purchase the CloudConnect and the Gateway separately. Purchasable on our site.

The maximum power supported by the optimizer is up to 700W and with a maximum open circuit voltage of 90V. It supports up to 15A of maximum current and starts with only 16V of voltage. The maximum voltage of the system string is up to 1000V, so we can use it in series of any type on inverters for grid connection.




 TIGO TS4 power optimizer datasheet

You can see the technical sheet CLICKING HERE.

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