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Victron Energy

Caricabatterie a 220V Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 12V - 30A 30 Ampere

Caricabatterie a 220V Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 12V - 30A 30 Ampere

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Caricabatterie Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 12V - 30A

The Blue Smart IP22 charger is the new professional charger from Victron Energy with integrated Bluetooth. Ideal for wireless monitoring of voltage and current and for changing settings.

Bluetooth Smart Enabled

The Blue Smart IP22 charger is the wireless solution for monitoring voltage and current, for changing settings and for updating the charger as new features become available.

High efficiency

With up to 94% efficiency, these chargers generate up to four times less heat than the industry standard.
And when the battery is fully charged, power consumption reduces to 0.5 Watts, which is five to ten times lower than the industry standard.

6-phase adaptive charging algorithm: test – constant current – absorption – reconditioning – maintenance – conservation

The Blue Smart charger includes an “adaptive” charge management system controlled by a microprocessor. The "adaptive" function automatically optimizes the charging process based on the type of use made of the battery.

Conservation mode: less maintenance and battery capacity losses in non-operational phases

Conservation mode is activated when the battery is not subject to discharge for 24 consecutive hours. In storage mode the float voltage is reduced to 2.2V/cell (13.2V for a 12V battery) to minimize gassing and corrosion of the positive plates. The voltage is brought back to the “absorption” level once a week to balance the battery charge state. This process prevents electrolyte stratification and sulfation, the main causes of premature aging of batteries.

Also charges Li-ion (LiFePO₄) batteries

LiFePO₄ batteries are charged with a simple constant current – absorption – float algorithm.

NIGHT and LOW settings

When NIGHT mode or LOW mode is active, the output current is reduced to no more than 50% of the rated output and the charger will be completely silent. NIGHT mode ends automatically after 8 hours. LOW mode can be deactivated manually.

Thermal protection

The output current will reduce if the temperature exceeds 50°C, but the Blue Smart charger will continue to work.

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