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Battery Tray Pylontech Rack Cabinet 19"

Battery Tray Pylontech Rack Cabinet 19"

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Tray for 19' rack cabinet
In rack cabinets like the one we offer on our website, they find an optimal application for lithium batteries that have a standardized 19' format. These types of trays must be included in order to properly support the batteries inside. Since it is recommended to support each battery on its tray, they can be installed at different heights in order to obtain an optimal distribution of space.

Each tray is laterally fixed to the internal beams of the rack cabinet. It incorporates ventilation holes, is painted in the same color as the cabinet and supports an approximate weight of 50kg.

It is recommended to install a tray for each battery to be placed inside the rack cabinet, taking into account that the lower battery can be supported on the cabinet chassis itself, the number of trays needed will be equal to the number of batteries -1 unit. Ex: for 4 batteries 3 additional trays would be required and for 8 batteries 7 trays would be required.

The trays do not include screws or dowels to the sides of the furniture, they only have the holes for fixing them. This hardware is included with the cabinet itself or can be purchased separately.
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