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Victron Energy SmartSolar 250-60 Tr MPPT Bluetooth (250V 60A) Solar Charge Controller

Victron Energy SmartSolar 250-60 Tr MPPT Bluetooth (250V 60A) Solar Charge Controller

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Victron Energy SmartSolar 250-60 MPPT Bluetooth solar charge controller (max 250 Volt 60 Ampère)

Victron SmartSolar 250-70 charge controller for photovoltaic systems with integrated Bluetooth. This voltage regulator uses an MPPT algorithm for optimal battery charging. Victron Energy is one of the best manufacturers of energy management systems.


An excellent charge controller for photovoltaic systems that uses the MPPT algorithm to maximize the current that is sent to the batteries.

The Smart Solar series has identical characteristics to the Blue Solar series, but has the addition of integrated Bluetooth. Via Bluetooth it is possible to view the charging parameters of the panels directly on a smartphone or tablet, simply by installing the Victron Connect App, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple website. Through this same app you can easily configure the controller. In addition, the app also shows a history of the last 30 days with energy production data and the minimum and maximum voltage values of the batteries that are recorded daily. Absolutely recommended!

Victron Energy's photovoltaic charge controllers are currently among the best on the market and have the possibility of being configured in a very granular way in order to best adapt to any type of battery.

By suitably configuring it, it can be used also for recharging LiFePO4 Lithium batteries (Lithium-Ferrophosphate).

Among the possible configurations:

  • Setting of the absorption voltage in steps of 1/10 of a Volt
  • Duration of the absorption phase (from a few tens of minutes to several hours)
  • Float phase voltage
  • Voltage compensation as a function of battery temperature (mV per degree Celsius)

Non-experts will still be able to choose from predefined settings. Typically it will be enough to select the type of battery: Liquid Acid, AGM, Gel or Lithium.

I remind you that the setting of the charge regulator must be carried out according to the batteries to which it is connected. In fact, setting values that are not suitable for the batteries in use can lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the batteries and a significant reduction in their life.

This Victron Energy MPPT regulator works with batteries from 12 Volt to 48 Volt .

Victron Energy's solar charge controllers are available in various models, with currents from 10 to 100 Ampere and for panels or strings of panels with a maximum voltage of up to 250 Volts, so they cover practically any need: from a small system on a boat or a camper, up to the construction of powerful civil systems. If you don't find the model that's right for you on this site, contact us to request it.


Download the PDF file Technical Specifications

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