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Voltronic Axpert King 48V 5000W MPPT 80A CB 60A Inverter Caricabatterie

Voltronic Axpert King 48V 5000W MPPT 80A CB 60A Inverter Caricabatterie

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Original Rack Hybrid Inverter VOLTRONIC

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The Inverter 5000W 48V Voltronic Axpert King is an All-In-One product which includes solar charge controller, battery charger and inverter of 48V and 5000W nominal power, with 60A battery charger , 80A MPPT charge controller for solar modules. Isolated axpert model that allows the equalization of the batteries.

3-in-1 device that combines a 230V inverter, a battery charger when an auxiliary alternating current input is connected (mains, generator set or similar) and an MPPT solar charge regulator from panels.

Axpert charger inverter with maximum performance, designed for small self-contained solar systems.

It incorporates MPPT maximizer charge controller for MPPT modules and battery charger with high charge current.

Working voltage 48Vdc.


Main features of the new Axpert King 5KVA inverter

Removable LCD screen

The removable LCD screen built into the Axpert King inverter allows it to be installed for remote control in an area of up to 20 meters.


Integrated bluetooth communication

Axpert's new King 5kva inverter integrates a Bluetooth interface that allows fast mobile monitoring thanks to the WatchPower application available for Android.


USB-Un-The-Go function

The Axpert King series allows for easy data import/export via the USB port.


Reserved communication port (RS-485, CAN-BUS or RS-232) for BMS

This 3rd generation Voltronic Axpert inverter has a reserved communication port for BMS.


Battery independent function

Axpert can continue to supply energy from solar panels or the electricity grid without the need to connect the battery.


LCD panel easy to use

The user will be able to set or change the priority options directly from the LCD panel quickly and easily.

And also:

- Replaceable fan design for easy maintenance
- Prioritization of AC/PV outlets and configurable usage timers
- Selectable high power charging current
- Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
- Compatible with mains or generator input
- Auto restart during AC recovery
- Cold start function

Scheda Tecnica Inverter Voltronic Axpert King 48V 5000W MPPT 80A CB 60A

You can see the technical sheet CLICKING HERE.



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