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Voltronic Axpert King 48V 5000W MPPT 80A CB 60A Rack Inverter Caricabatterie

Voltronic Axpert King 48V 5000W MPPT 80A CB 60A Rack Inverter Caricabatterie

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Original Rack Hybrid Inverter VOLTRONIC

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The Voltronic Axpert KingInverter Rack 5000W 48V is aall-in-one model. Includes 80A MPPT charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, with a maximum power of 5000W, capable of running on 48V batteries. The integrated 60A battery charger can be used to charge the batteries from a 230V source, from the mains or from an electric generator with an instantaneous transfer time.

Its rack format and compatibility with Pylontechlithium batteries make it very convenient to be installed together in a cabinet with that format. It has a 2 year warranty

This inverter DOES NOT have CEI0-21 certification and therefore cannot be installed in plants connected to the national electricity grid. Instead, it can be used in off-grid stand-alone systems, completely disconnected from the electricity grid.

The Voltronic Axpert King Rack 5000W 48V inverter is specially designed to work in installations with lithium batteries in rack format, as it has a standard size to fit inside the same cabinet in which the Pylontech 48V batteries are placed. On the other hand, it is also very convenient in installations with several inverters in parallel. Due to its size, it is possible to place it easily and leave all the connections neatly arranged inside the cabinet.

The models in the King Rack range are between 3000 and 5000W of output power and in 24 and 48V of working voltage in batteries. This model is capable of producing up to 5000W of output power and up to 6000VA of peak power. Compared to the classic model, we maintain the advantage offered by the King models within the Axpert range, namely the connection of several inverters in parallel to obtain more output power and have a more expandable installation.

This 5000W 48V Voltronic Axpert King Rack Inverter has an external appearance common to all the range regardless of the model, weighing between 14.5 and 15Kg and dimensions of 366.3 x 438 x 130.8mm. All the devices in the range are equipped with USB, RS232, RS485 connections and clean contacts to be able to set the automatic start of an external generator.

In addition, it is accompanied by an MPPT regulator, it is necessary to maintain a voltage range between between 30 and 115V in connecting the solar panels. At most the controller supports 145V open loop operation in the coldest operating conditions. Its MPPT is 80A, making it easy to harness up to 4000W of power from the PV panels to supply our 48V installation.


Connecting the Voltronic Axpert King Rack 5000W 48V inverter to your installation is very simple. However, a series of steps must be followed in order for it to be done safely.



1:LCD screen.
2: Status indicator.
3: Charge indicator.
4: Fault indicator.
5: Function buttons.
6: power on and off.
7: AC wiring input.
8: AC wiring output.
9: Photovoltaic solar input.
10: Battery wiring input.
11: Communication connectors for parallel work. (Optional)
12: Power connectors for parallel work. (Optional)
13: AGS autostart port. dry contacts.
14: RS232 port.
15: USB port.
16: BMS communication port with lithium battery (CAN and RS232 or RS485).


The Voltronic Axpert King Rack 5000W 48V inverter offers a multitude of attractive features compared to other competing offerings such as the following:

- Parallel operation. As an additional option, this inverter can be equipped with a parallel communication board which facilitates the expansion of the output power on the same plant. Its particular rack format allows you to position up to 9 inverters easily and safely.

- Immediate switching time. Ideal as a UPS or to power critical loads, King Rack inverters have a current switching time of 0 ms. When the energy source switches from external power to batteries and vice versa, its switching time is instantaneous for all types of consumption.

- Integrated visual interface. Despite being a device that is normally found inside a closed cabinet, the LCD screen provides all the relevant information about the solar system to monitor and view the settings of our inverter.

- Communication port for BMS. It offers a communication port that works with RS-485, CAN-BUS and RS-232 protocols to be able to communicate with the lithium batteries that incorporate its BMS and thus have the energy readings provided by the battery.

- Battery equalization. To improve the life of lead-acid batteries, this feature facilitates the elimination of sulphation that occurs in the panels of this type of batteries, whether they are open block lead-acid batteries or stationary OPzS. The function can be disabled for lithium batteries.

Technical description of the Rack Inverter 3000W 48V Voltronic Axpert King
Voltronic's Axpert King Rack series stands out for providing an inverter charger with updated features like the ones previously described and also for its great ability to work in parallel and be able to increase the power in the future.

- Maximum photovoltaic power: 4000W.

- MPPT working range: 60 and 115Vmp.

- Maximum voltage in PV open circuit: 145Voc.

- Maximum solar charging current: 80A.

- Maximum mains/generator charging current: 60A.

- Maximum combined load current (solar and grid): 140A.


Scheda Tecnica Inverter Voltronic Axpert King 48V 5000W MPPT 80A CB 60A

You can see the technical sheet CLICKING HERE.



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