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Voltronic Axpert VMIII 48V 5000W MPPT 80A CB 60A Inverter Caricabatterie

Voltronic Axpert VMIII 48V 5000W MPPT 80A CB 60A Inverter Caricabatterie

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Original Hybrid Inverter VOLTRONIC

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Inverter ibrido 5000W 48V Voltronic Axpert VMIII. It is a step forward in the range of domestic models of the Voltronic Axpert range, thanks to the integration of an inverter charger together with a regulator designed to work at high voltage with solar panels. It offers up to 5000W of power output, supports up to 5000W of panels, runs on any type of 48V battery and can have bluetooth connectivity to monitor performance from our smartphone.


This 5000W 48V Voltronic Axpert VMIII hybrid inverter can work with high voltage PV field, just like grid connected inverters. This simplifies connection, increases efficiency and reduces high current losses. Thanks to this, up to 5000 W of solar panels can be connected.


The connection of the Voltronic Axpert VMIII 5000W 48V Hybrid Inverter is very simple, although it is necessary to follow a series of steps to be done safely. It is necessary to avoid that the wiring receives current during manipulation and that the unit always remains switched off.



1:LCD screen.

2: Status indicator.

3: Charge indicator.

4: Fault indicator.

5: Function buttons.

6: power on and off.

7: AC wiring input.

8: AC wiring output.

9: Photovoltaic solar input.

10: Battery wiring input.

11: Short circuit protection.

12: Communication port for remote display.

13: Connector for the automatic start of the generator.

14: USB communication port.

15: BMS port for CAN and RS232 or RS485 communications.

16: RS232 port.

17: LED indicators for USB connection, power priority and charger.

This 5000W 48V Voltronic Axpert VMIII Hybrid Inverter has the main task of controlling all the parameters of our photovoltaic system. It is responsible for receiving current from the incoming solar panels when there is sufficient production. This energy is used to recharge the battery and feed the consumption we have in the hours of sunshine. When solar energy is not enough, the inverter can be connected to the electricity grid or a single-phase generator as an external power source. It takes the energy stored in the batteries to be able to supply consumption outside production hours or when these are higher than the generation capacity.


The 5000W 48V Voltronic Axpert VMIII Hybrid Inverter offers a number of attractive features over the competition, such as the following:

- Removable screen with the possibility of remote (wired) use. The LCD screen can be detached to control and display the parameters of our inverter up to a maximum wiring distance of 20 meters.

-Built-in Bluetooth. We will be able to see the inverter parameters on our smartphone with Android system via the WatchPower app from a maximum distance of 7 meters and wirelessly.

- Communication port for BMS. It has a communication port that supports RS-485, CAN-BUS and RS-232 protocols in order to communicate with lithium batteries with BMS, so that the inverter correctly reads the state of charge and other battery information.

- Battery equalization. To prolong the useful life of lead-acid batteries, this feature eliminates the sulphation that is generated in the plates of this type of accumulator, whether they are open monobloc lead-acid batteries or stationary OpzS. It can be disabled for lithium batteries.

- Easy ventilation repairability. Since most physical problems can be caused by failures in the ventilation system, fans can be replaced without having to disassemble the unit for easier maintenance.

Technical description of the Hybrid Inverter 5000W 48V Voltronic Axpert VMIII

- Maximum photovoltaic power: 5000W.

- MPPT working range: 120 and 450Vmp.

- Maximum PV open circuit voltage : 500Voc.

- Maximum solar charge current: 80A.

- Maximum charge current from mains/generator: 60A.



Voltronic Axpert VMIII 48V inverter data sheet

You can see the technical sheet CLICKING HERE.



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